Exposition Work-Serie: Art formula
Thema: Everybody is Leonardo
Image title: Leonardo da Vinci – Liedtke/ Original
Exposition Work-Serie: Quantum – physics E = M = i 
Thema: The Consciousness of Matter/ Original
Exposition Work-Series:  4th dimension t = i
Thema: Behind the Boundaries of Time/ Original
Exposition Work-Series: i = M 
The measurable results of the General Information Theory: i = M/ Original
Exposition Work-Series: i = M + i = Life
Thema: The biological evolution results of the General Information Theory/ Original
Exposition Work-Series: Health + Eternal Life
Thema:The consequence of the biological evolution research results of the General Information Theory: i = M + i = Life + I = Health + Eternal Life (Life ∞)/ Original
Exposition Work-Series: TOE Formulas for everything
Thema: Evolutionary overview of the creation formulas and their interaction on our social and individual development, as well as the elaboration of the necessary information set screws for the development of an ethical world with an increasing world population/ Original
Exposition Work-Series: Society + religion
Theme: Information, actions and architectural symbols for the development of global peace between nations and religions/ Original
Exposition Work-Series: Revolutionary keyworks
Subject: Works of art whose findings anticipated Nobel Prizes by decades or key functions in the development of general information theory: i = M contain and 97 new Theorys/ Original
Exposition Work-Series: Art and Healing II Society
Theme: 9 works of art show in rough steps of society, from the Stone Age to the future, an evolving creativity and intelligence in populations with which all people (even with an increasing world population) can live in ethical harmony with nature in dignity and freedom/ Original