11 Work-Serie: Reducing the world a formula

Art decoded
Dieter Liedtke’s formulas do not correspond to the normative design of scientific equations. They do, however, provide a clear shortcut to a new philosophy of our existence through a revolutionary world view that opens up new paths for the arts. Works of art and exhibitions whose innovations are transferred to the art-recognising viewer open up the essence of art for human beings. This goes hand in hand with the dissolution of fears and a permanently improving future for society through evolution.

“Liedtke modifies and dissolves the framework of known theories. His new scientific theories are at once the condition and the product of their own operation. One could think of an evolutionary achievement that, once invented and introduced, makes itself possible. If one transfers the result to the system of modern rsociety, which enacts and disenacts its structures through decisions,
you see a result of evolution.”
Prof. Niklas Luhmann

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