Codigo Universo: Art + Liberty NFT

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Title: Codigo Universo: Art + Liberty
Artist: Dieter Liedtke
Innovation: Formula overview
Innovation Technique: Digital print as a size-unique/original artwork with the artist’s DNA in the red colour.
Innovation of the Serie: The overview of the formulas makes it possible to relate the different areas of creation and to trace them back to a creative force with which all nine formulas in the “Formula of Creation I” can be evidently documented from a scientific and/or spiritual point of view (quantum physics is united with the theory of relativity). The formula “Codigo Universo Conter control for the existence of the universe” once again finds its physical and spiritual confirmation and the synthesis of idealism and materialism is proven by the “Formula of Creation I” which abolishes dualism.
Series name: Formula overview
Years working on the series from: 1976
Year of work: 2006
Signature: Liedtke
Material: Printing inks, canvas on stretcher frame
Dimensions: 195 cm x 140 cm


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