Evolution Museum of Art

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Title: Evolution Museum of Art
Artist: Dieter Liedtke

Innovation: Exhibition of the art innovations of peoples and epochs.
Innovation: Architecture Concept: Skullcap.
Innovation: Symbolic skull cult. With the design of the art exhibition building, which was modelled on a skullcap by Dieter Liedtke, the cult of vanished peoples has been symbolically transferred to the present day; several thousand years ago in Europe, the ritual of drinking from the skullcaps of particularly respected persons who had enjoyed high status and recognition during their lifetime was still used long after their death in an attempt to take on the qualities of the deceased, such as their success, their personality and their creativity.
Innovation: The exhibition areas in the museum are – like the brain – divided into different functional sections, which, together with the art formula, enable a neural effect of creativity transfer from the artworks to the visitor. In the decoding of the works, by means

Original-Work N°: 8/14
Art historical value expertise: Artinvest
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