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Title: Art Key
Artist: Dieter Liedtke

Innovation: Art through a simple graphic formula to make creativity or innovation visible in the artwork so that everyone from the age of eight can understand what art is and what decoration is and thus become more creative.                                                          
Innovation 1979-1988 The millennia-long search for a formula for all the arts was rewarded. An art formula that explains art to the population and makes people more art-aware and creative, thus strengthening them and democratising all the arts, can be classified in art historical terms as Pop Art (in Pop Art, the popular symbols of the people are depicted and the individual is elevated as the star). The art formula, in its sheer simplicity, explains all the arts through their innovations and thus makes every art Pop Art as well as every man a creator. The art formula is the emperor of Pop Art, who democratises all the arts and at the same time disempowers himself. The law of art is: The dissolution of the limits of the arts and art history or consciousness through art. The public application of the law of art brings about the dissolution of the limits of creativity, intelligence and health, as well as prosperous welfare in societies.
Innovation 1979-1988: Reduction of the innovations to red and the known information to yellow in a graphic with five symbols, known to everyone, for the formula of ‘art’. The red/yellow cross is the symbiosis for works of art with art-historical innovations.
Innovation 1979-1988: The art formula generates new neuronal connections and synapses as well as epigenetically improved gene programmes of the observer for a re-engaged selective innovation perception and the generation of innovations for self-help, healing and development of creativity
Innovation 1979-1988: Cognitive symbiosis with the work/ The viewer himself becomes a living and breathing work of art. Mirror neurons in the brain of the viewer lead through the work of art, the process of creativity and the understanding of art with the formula to a cognitive fusion of work and viewer. This generates new neuronal connections and synapses as well as epigenetically improved gene programmes of the observer for a re-engaged selective innovation percept

Further historical evolutionary steps in the Liedtke artwork
Innovation: Converting the Hegel dialectic into graphic symbols. Art becomes clear through Hegel’s dialectic with innovation: thesis-antithesis and synthesis with the formula in every art and presents the work of art as a process that has become knowable, the work on a new level of innovation.
Innovation Liedtke: Cognitive art formula application by the viewer leads to new neuronal creativity networks and synapses in the brain of the recipient (see current neurobiological research results).
Innovation Technique: Digital print as a one-of-a-kind size/original artwork with Dieter Liedtke’s DNA in red.
Innovation used in the series: art key for any form of art: Life + expansion of consciousness = art or old information + new information = evolution

Series name: Art Formula
Years working on the series Art formula from: 1988
Year of work: 2005
Signature: Liedtke
Material: Acrylic paint on canvas
Dimensions: 200 cm x 120 cm

Original-Work N°: 1/1
Art historical value expertise: Artinvest
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