Awareness process

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Title: Awareness process
Artist: Dieter Liedtke

Innovation: 1979-1988 The art formula is transferred to the creation processes of all matter in the universe and evolution.
Innovation: The permanently active creative force permeating the universe and the nothingness eternally brings forth “new information” (innovation) and networks. These newly interconnecting information, nerve networks or star or galaxy synapses, which are based on information transport of innovations, are eternally manifested processes of creation in nothingness, in space, in time, in matter and in biological life. The process of creation interweaves being and opens the future through innovation and information transport.

Further historical evolutionary steps in the Liedtke artwork
Innovation Technique: Blurring colour through quantum physics
Innovation used in the series: art key for any form of art: life + expansion of consciousness = art or old information + new information = evolution.

Series name: Art Formula
Years working on the series from: 1988
Year of work: 1988-2005
Signature: Liedtke
Material: Acrylic paint on canvas
Dimensions: 130 cm x 97 cm

Original-Work N°: 1/3
Art historical value expertise: Artinvest
Blockchain secured work certificate


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