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Artist: Dieter Liedtke

Image Title 1: Sandpit modell
Innovation: The functioning of the brain on information as a sandbox
Innovation: Information forms consciousness pathways, brain axons and dendrites
Innovation Technique: Quantum physical blurring of background colour information
Innovation: Today’s Research Findings on the Development of Intelligence and Creativity by Natalia Goriounova, Erhan Genç and Lars Penke confirm the sandbox model of Dieter Liedtke in 1982 in the book “The Consciousness of Matter” coherently explained with works of art in research areas overlapping their statements anticipate the scientific results (published in 2020/21) of the three research groups by decades and, moreover, are brought together in an overall theory of how creativity and intelligence develop and remove the contradictions of the three researchers’ studies (see also the basic research results of the neurobiological research of Nobel Prize winner Eric Kandel NY in 2000).
Innovation of the series: Information: The principle of creation
Confirmation of innovation: Artwork series through research results in neurobiology and Nobel Prize for Erik Kandel as well as basis for expansion in the work series: Life I, Eternal Life, Art Formula, The Development of Social Systems,The Development of Social Systems II.

Working years of the series from: 1976-
Year of work: Sandpit model: 1988
Signature: Liedtke
Material: Oil, sand, canvas on stretcher frame
Dimensions: 70 cm x 90 cm

Image Title 2: Spirit, Water, Creativity and Evolution                                         
Innovation: Explanatory model for creativity                                                                         
Innovation: Matter and creativity is one
Innovation: The sandbox model shows creativity working inwards and outwards
Innovation: Enables the changing information relationship of quanta, electrons and the atomic nucleus to each other and to their nearest and most distant environment and their reaction and change to observational information to be translated as the creativity or creative power of matter or the universe
Innovation: Every atom, every virus, every single-celled organism is creative
Innovation: The evolution of energy, matter and biological life
Innovation Technology: Digital printing as a unique size/ Original artwork with Dieter Liedtke’s DNA in the red paint                                 Innovation of the series: Information: The principle of creation

Series name: Revolutionary Works
Working years of the series from: 1963                                                                                         
Year of work: 1979-2010
Signature: Liedtke
Material: Ink, canvas on wooden frame
Dimensions: 98 cm x 195 cm

Original-Work N°: 9/2
Art historical value expertise: Artinvest
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