Creation = Information (L)

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Title: Creation = Information
Artist: Dieter Liedtke

Innovation: The universe from the point of view of an infinite system of creation
Innovation: A new dimension can be recognised by the fact that: the lower dimension in name, with its possibilities, is infinitely often contained in the higher dimensions.
Innovation: Transformation and manifestation of information as space, dark energy, dark matter, time, energy, mass and evolutionary-information networking in the materialised 3rd D. space of the visible universe with its measurable networking and laws of nature.
Innovation: Formula for Creation and a Sustainable World
Innovation: Infinite information is infinite creativity and innovation
Innovation: energy, space, time and gravity is in its basis information
Innovation: Creativity must be rethought physically and in the natural sciences
Innovation: The world can be divided into scientifically proven smaller and larger information networks to maintain the associated information system through a comparative consciousness, creativity and future information: Quanta, Molecules, Viruses, Single Celled Organisms, Plants, Animals, Humans, Social Systems, Planets and Galaxies measurable through their evolution in the Universe scientifically evident and empirically proven. These information systems show in the experimental setups that they can react to information and develop creative power. For example: Electrons never take the same position in relation to the atomic nucleus they orbit and to the surrounding matter that changes itself as well as to the changing or creative universe.
Innovation: This shows that change or creativity is a species-preserving evolutionary information networking system that is inherent in all energies, in matter, in the universe, in genes and in social systems according to the laws of nature in species-preserving evolutionary changes. In this context, the information of time, space, gravitation, energy and matter are to be assigned creatively formative properties that simultaneously trigger information-comparing processes of consciousness that create changing processes for the preservation of the information system and its evolution.
Innovation Summary: The i = M or i = E theory has been confirmed in numerous fields of research (biology, genetics, epigenetics, sociology, physics, evolution, neurobiology and art). The i = M theory opened a door for a new way of thinking that leads out of the dead ends of dualistic world models of wars, subjugation and exploitation. It shows a holistic ethical world view for human beings and the world around them with ever increasing intelligence, increasing life expectancy and an increasing number of people in the world with improved living conditions. Any trend that goes against the laws of evolution is due to the spread of fear and the population’s denied access to creativity (through the coding of the arts). Innovation = Information/ I am an artist and not a mathematician or physicist and I assume that the combination of the i = M theory and all the individual areas of the General Information Theory will be proven by scientists in empirical research results if they want to refute the statements of the pictures or design a new world view.
Innovation technique: varnish from a Peoples’ DNA pool / signature: Liedtke DNA (transparent)
Innovation of the series: reducing the world to a formula

Series name: Formulas for the Universe of Man
Years of work on the series: 1988/2005-.
Year of work: 2020
Material: Digiprint on canvas
Dimensions: 100cm x 140cm

Original-Work N°: L10/6
Art historical value expertise: Artinvest
Blockchain secured work certificate


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