Dimension 0 + 3 Dimensionen / Creation of Energy and Matter

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Title: Dimension 0 + 3 Dimensionen / Creation of Energy and Matter
Artist: Dieter Liedtke
Innovation: Transformation and manifestation of information as Space, Dark Energy, Dark Matter,
Time, Energy, Mass and Evolutionary-Information Networking in the materialised 3rd D. Space of
the visible universe with its interconnections, laws of nature and observations in the universe,
which can be measured and calculated by man, as well as the knowledge about the formation of
life and creation and biological, mental, ethical and species-preserving evolution or, in the case of
ignorance about creation, it can lead to dogmas of faith, fears of society, expansion of power,
slavery, exploitation, diseases up to self-destruction. An eternal information process for the
formation of new information networks and clusters leads to innovations of the speciespreserving,
evolutionary networking programmes, to biological life, to species, groups, societies
and cultures, as well as through intuition, knowledge and knowledge of creation to the design of
innovations or works of art and an evolutionary ethical self-preserving behaviour that includes all
fellow creatures and defends and promotes their freedom and dignity.
Innovation: The universe from the point of view of God or an infinite system of creation A new dimension
can be recognised by the fact that: the lower dimension in name, with its possibilities, is infinitely often
contained in the higher dimensions.
Innovation: Dimension 2 = Evident scientific proof of creations from the observation level of the 3rd
dimension. (Without the creation power and cognition limitation from the perspective of the 3rd
Innovation: Dimension 3 = Evident scientific proof of creation through evolution of information,
consciousness, space, time, energy, matter, biology, sociology and culture from the limited scientific field
research levels of the 3rd dimension.
Innovation: Reordering of the dimensions that reduces the possible world theories with 10 and more
dimensions to three dimensions plus the new dimension 0 and thus enables a clear world formula that
explains the universe holistically, overcomes dualism, can be understood by every human being, confirmed
by his or her intuitive experiences and thus can further expand his or her neural network through
understanding and integration into the world process.
Innovation: New sense and arrangement of dimensions
Innovation: Assignment of consciousness to dimension 0 to 3
Innovation: Puzzle solving in the natural sciences and the humanities
Innovation: Unification of the world process in a theory and formula
Innovation: New scientific (physics and astro-physics, evolutionary biology, culture and sociology) research
results confirm from their discipline these new classifications of the dimensions. Now, also in the future,
through the General Information Theory and Formula, the connection of all disciplines with the principle of
information as the creation cause of existence in all dimensions (0-3) can be investigated, rejected or
confirmed by scientists. Of course, this does not change the realisation that the transmission of
information is the basis of our creative power and evolution.
Innovation technique: varnish from a Peoples’ DNA pool / signature: Liedtke DNA (transparent)
Innovation of the series: reducing the world to a formula
Series name: Formulas for the Universe of Man
Years of work on the series: 1988/2022-.
Year of work: 2022
Material: Digiprint on canvas
Dimensions: 100 cm x 140 cm

Original-Work N°: Y11/0
Art historical value expertise: Artinvest
Blockchain secured work certificate


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