Graphic: Art Deciphering

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Title: Graphic Art Deciphering
Artist: Dieter Liedtke

Innovation: Transformation and manifestation of information as Space, Dark Energy, Dark Matter, Time, Energy, Mass and Evolutionary-Information Networking in the materialised 3rd D. Space of the visible universe with its interconnections, laws of nature and observations in the universe, which can be measured and calculated by man, as well as the knowledge about the formation of life and creation and biological, mental, ethical and species-preserving evolution or, in the case of ignorance about creation, it can lead to dogmas of faith, fears of society, expansion of power, slavery, exploitation, diseases up to self-destruction. An eternal information process for the formation of new information networks and clusters leads to innovations of the species-preserving, evolutionary networking programmes, to biological life, to species, groups, societies and cultures, as well as through intuition, knowledge and knowledge of creation to the design of innovations or works of art and an evolutionary ethical self-preserving behaviour that includes all fellow creatures and defends and promotes their freedom and dignity. Original yellow

Innovation: Life (yellow) + expansion of consciousness (red) = art (yellow/red)

Innovation: art formula = art recognition for all people = selective perception of innovations = neuronal, epigenetic and cultural evolution = new ethical society
Innovation: The public application of the graphic formula for art has the effect of dissolving the limitations of creativity, intelligence and health and thus promotes the prosperity of societies.
Innovation: In sociology and philosophy, the art formula leads via the Hegel thesis of the ideal and the Marxian antithesis to the synthesis of an ethical capitalism. It overcomes through creativity exaggerated and unnecessary fears, poverty, separations and exploitations of man as well as the partial philosophies of: Idealism, materialism, dualism, scholasticism, theology as well as existentialism through multisynthesis of empirically evident, newly researched information of the respective present knowledge coupled to the cognitive standpoint of the observer with the integration of open probability networks of knowledge and creative intelligence, for the ethical shaping of the world and co-world.
Innovation: Art through a simple graphic formula to make creativity or innovation visible in the artwork so that everyone from the age of eight can understand what art is and what decoration is.
Innovation: 1979-1988 An art formula that explains art to the population and makes people more artconscious and creative, thus empowering them and democratising all the arts, can be classified in art history as Pop Art (in Pop Art, the popular symbols of the people are depicted and the individual is elevated to the status of star). The art formula, in its simplicity, explains all the arts through its innovations, thus making every art Pop Art and every person a creator. It is the ruler of Pop Art, democratising all the arts and at the same time disempowering itself.
Innovation: The law of art is: the dissolution of the boundaries of the arts and art history or consciousness through art.
Innovation: 1979-1988: Reduction of the innovations to red and the known information to yellow in a graphic with five symbols that everyone knows, for the formula of art.
Innovation: 1979-1988: The art formula generates new neuronal connections and synapses as well as epigenetically improved gene programmes of the viewer for a reactivated selective perception of innovation and the development of innovations for self-help, healing and development of creativity.
Innovation: 1979-1988: Cognitive symbiosis with the work/ The viewer himself becomes a living and breathing work of art. Mirror neurons in the viewer’s brain lead to a cognitive fusion of work and viewer through the artwork, the process of creativity and understanding art with the formula. This generates new neuronal connections and synapses as well as epigenetically enhanced gene programmes of the viewer for a re-engaged selective innovation perception.
Innovation: Cognitive art form application by the viewer leads to new neuronal creativity networks and synapses in the brain of the recipient (see current neurobiological research results).
Innovation technique: varnish from a Peoples’ DNA pool / signature: Liedtke DNA (transparent)
Innovation of the series: reducing the world to a formula

Series name: Formulas for the Universe of Man
Years of work on the series: 1988/2005-.
Year of work: 2020
Material: Digiprint on canvas
Dimensions: 100 cm x 140 cm

Original-Work N°: A11/1
Art historical value expertise: Artinvest
Blockchain secured work certificate


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