Everything is Information

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Title: Everything is Information
Artist: Dieter Liedtke

Innovation: Transformation and manifestation of information as Space, Dark Energy, Dark Matter, Time, Energy, Mass and Evolutionary-Information Networking in the materialised 3rd D. Space of the visible universe with its interconnections, laws of nature and observations in the universe, which can be measured and calculated by man, as well as the knowledge about the formation of life and creation and biological, mental, ethical and species-preserving evolution or, in the case of ignorance about creation, it can lead to dogmas of faith, fears of society, expansion of power, slavery, exploitation, diseases up to self-destruction. An eternal information process for the formation of new information networks and clusters leads to innovations of the species-preserving, evolutionary networking programmes, to biological life, to species, groups, societies and cultures, as well as through intuition, knowledge and knowledge of creation to the design of innovations or works of art and an evolutionary ethical self-preserving behaviour that includes all fellow creatures and defends and promotes their freedom and dignity. Original yellow

Innovation: Nothing∞ = i∞ creation/innovation = V∞ v∞ t∞ (ERP/4. D. + measurable or Evident experiential in the 3rd D.) + i = i∞… V∞… t∞… v∞… + I = Universe = Dark Energy (DE)/ Space/ Dark Matter (DM)/ Gravity/ Energy/ Matter – Quantum V…+ G (ERP/4. D. + measurable or Evident by experiments experiential in the 3rd D.) + I = V… + G… v… (i = C) = E (measurable- or Evident experienceable through experiments in the 3.D.) + i = V… v… (i< C) = G… = M + i = E = MC2 (Space, time, gravity and speed and evolution in the macro as well as in the micro realm of nature and the universe are based only on information)

Innovation: All information exists in the universe without space, time and energy.
Innovation: Information carries mass
Innovation: The resolution of the superposition paradox: The observation of the quantum is information gravity; space and time and at the same time forms a unity between the observed quantum and the observer. The system of the unity of the observed quantum and the observation of information resolves the superposition through the unity of observer and quantum, in that the symbiosis of the information allows the mass to grow to the point where the quantum reaches a new state: i = E = M.
Innovation: When information forms into networks or clusters for species preservation and evolution, it acquires mass and decelerates into energy and matter.
Innovation: Information forms space, gravity and slows down the time and speed of information.
Innovation: Information from matter can split atoms through high energy input (information).
Innovation technique: varnish from a Peoples’ DNA pool / signature: Liedtke DNA (transparent)
Innovation of the series: reducing the world to a formula

Series name: Formulas for the Universe of Man
Years of work on the series: 1988/2005-.
Year of work: 2020
Material: Digiprint on canvas
Dimensions: 100 cm x 140 cm

Original-Work N°: A11/3
Art historical value expertise: Artinvest
Blockchain secured work certificate


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