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Title: Dali-Liedtke
Artist: Dali-Liedtke
Innovation Dali: The permanence of memory 1931/Artist Salvador Dali 1904–1989/ Innovation Liedtke: Graphic art formula application in the image.

Further art-historically documented and scientifically empirical evolutionary steps of art in the Liedtke work
Innovation 1979-1988: Cognitive symbiosis with the work/ The viewer himself becomes a living and breathing work of art. Mirror neurons in the brain of the viewer lead through the work of art, the process of creativity and the understanding of art with the formula to a cognitive fusion of work and viewer.
Innovation 1979-1988: The art formula generates new neuronal connections and synapses as well as epigenetically improved gene programmes of the observer for a re-engaged selective innovation perception and the generation of innovations for self-help, healing and development of creativity.
Innovation: juxtaposition of the innovations of different artists in a picture with applied graphics of the art formula.
Innovation Technique: Digital Print / Unique Size/Original Artwork with Dieter Liedtke’s DNA in red.
Innovation used in the series: art key for any form of art: Life + expansion of consciousness = art or old information + new information = evolution

Innovation Marc Chagall: Thought pictures of a village placed in a coherent sequence./ Artist Marc Chagall: 1887–1985/ Picture title: Me and the Village 1911

Innovation Andre Masson: Readable overarching processes of nature through observation of a sub-area./ Artist Andre Masson: 1896–1987/ Title: Meditation on an Oak Leaf 1942

Innovation Paul Delvaux: Combines modern achievements and people with ancient representations/ Artist Paul Delvaux: 1897-1994/ Picture title: The Welcome-The Meeting 1938

Innovation Kurt Schwitters: Products of Mass Society Blur Boundaries between Image and Relief/Artist Kurt Schwitters: 1887–1948 Image title: Merzbild 25A. The constellation 1920

Innovation Juan Miro: Separation of top and bottom is abolished-Own alphabetic sign language.Artist Juan Miro: 1893–1983/Image title: People and dog in front of the sun 1949

Innovation Max Ernst: Combines medieval painting with traumatic conditions Artist Max Ernst: 1891–1979 Title: The Temptation of St. Anthony 1943

Innovation Giorgio di Chirico: Father and son relationship without security Artist Giorgio di Chirico: 1884–1978 Title: The Prodigal Son 1922

Innovation Oskar Schlemmer: architecture and people are intertwined Artist Oskar Schlemmer: 1888–1943. Title: Bauhaus Staircase 1932

Innovation Rene Magritte: Norms of society are suspended in the surreal Artist Rene Magritte: 1898–1967 Image title: The Threatened Murderer 1926

Series title: Art Formula
Working Dates from: 1988–2003
Year: 2003
Signature: Liedtke
Material: Stretched Canvas
Dimensions: 89 cm x 130 cm

Original-Work N°: 1/21
Art historical value expertise: Artinvest
Blockchain secured work certificate


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