Pollock -Liedtke

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Title: Pollock-Liedtke
Artist: Pollock-Liedtke
Innovation Pollock: The shares, the time, the intuition are absorbed into the art process/ Picture title Painting 1948/ Artist Jackson Pollock. 1912 – 1956/ Innovation Liedtke: Graphic art formula application in the image

Further art-historically documented and scientifically empirical evolutionary steps of art in the Liedtke work
Innovation 1979-1988: Cognitive symbiosis with the work/ The viewer himself becomes a living and breathing work of art. Mirror neurons in the brain of the viewer lead through the work of art, the process of creativity and the understanding of art with the formula to a cognitive fusion of work and viewer.
Innovation 1979-1988: The art formula generates new neuronal connections and synapses as well as epigenetically improved gene programmes of the observer for a re-engaged selective innovation perception and the generation of innovations for self-help, healing and development of creativity.
Innovation: Art Formula
Innovation: juxtaposition of the innovations of different artists in a picture with applied graphics of the art formula
Innovation Technique: Digital Print / Size Unicat/Original Artwork with Dieter Liedtke’s DNA in the Red Colour
Innovation of the series: art key for any form of art: Life + expansion of consciousness = art or old information + new information = evolution

Innovation Wassily Kandinsky: No representational motifs/Artist Wassily Kandinsky: 1866 – 1944/ Title: Untitled 1913

Innovation Hans Hofmann: Painting according to inner energy processes/Artist Hans Hofmann: 1880 – 1966/ Image title: Blue in Blue 1954

Innovation Jean Dubuffet: New material and painting techniques Leading into a non-academic form of expression (Art Brut)/Artist Jean Dubuffet: 1901 – 1985/ Image title: Le Metafisyx 1950

Innovation Franz Kline: Paintings as the final result of an experienced painting act / Evolution of painterly intuitive design/Artist Franz Kline: 1910 – 1962/ Image title: New York 1953

Innovation Alberto Burri: Poetic visual language / Objects refer to themselves/Artist Alberto Burri: 1915 – 1995/ Image title: Sack no. 5 1953

Innovation Emil Schumacher: General Motifs with Mystical Content/Artist Emil Schumacher: 1912 – 1999/ Title: Spatial separation 1955

Innovation Ernst Wilhelm Nay: Movement and spatial perception through point-like application/Artist Ernst Wilhelm Nay: 1902 – 1960/ Image title: Purpurklang 1960

Series name: Art Formula
Working years of the series from: 1988 –
Year of work: 2003
Signature: Liedtke
Material: Canvas on stretcher frame
Dimensions: 310 cm x 89 cm

Original-Work N°: 1/24
Art historical value expertise: Artinvest
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