Holy Books

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Title: Holy Books
Artist: Dieter Liedtke

Innovation Architectural concept: The building as a summarising symbol of all the holy scriptures and texts of the religions was transferred by Dieter Liedtke into the concept of an open book and rammed into the ground with the creation mandate to finally make peace between the religions.
Innovation: In the presentation of the written sacred knowledge of all religions, passages of the sacred texts are retrievable by means of laser light, selectable in over 100 languages, and presented on large screens, calling for peace between people from God.
Innovation: With the help of recognised and empirically proven, scientific creative power (information)the religions can and should exist peacefully together, in evolution through creativity and ethics, as creation-knowing associations promoting positive developments (information) as well as wars among themselves and the spiritual and physical exploitation of man as well as the unrestricted capitalist overexploitation of nature, their disregard and deformation, which are directed against the laws of creation, evolution as well as against the human rights of the UN Charter, with their common creative spiritual power and the development of a global ethical
capitalism (information) forever.
Innovation Technique: Digital print as a one-of-a-kind size/original artwork with Dieter Liedtke’s DNA in the red colour.
Innovation of the Serie: Disclosure of health, motivational and group or political social rituals.

Series name: The development of social systems
Years working on the series from: 1963
Year of work: 2011
Signature: Liedtke
Material: Ink, canvas on stretcher frame

Original-Work N°: 8/10
Art historical value expertise: Artinvest
Blockchain secured work certificate


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